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Default Re: Harry Wills Articles


There was a period when it looked like Wills might get his title shot in preference to Tunney. At this point Tunney probably was willing to fight Wills as it was not a given that he would get his title shot, and beating Wills would have made him the top contender.

Wills felt (with some justification) that Rickard was trying to cheat him out of his title shot, by matching him against the most dangerous contenders, until he got the result that he wanted. He therfore sat on his #1 ranking and tried to force a fight with Dempsey.

Well Wills is disputing this saying Tunney avoided the fight too

If you believe otherwise you're taking Rickard's and Kearn's words as gospel, in which fact you have to take their statements that Dempsey avoided Wills

Wills instigated some sort of proceedingas against Dempsey after the Firpo fight. I assumed that you were reffering to that.
The case you're referring too is before the Firpo fight, when Wills manager sued Dempsey to enforce

As a Dempsey fan are you saying this is why Dempsey avoided Wills after Firpo? This was before Dempsey signed the contract to face Wills and renegaded on the commitment

The case I'm asking about is a 1930s case that there isn't much information about. It was around 1931-32 if I remember rightly

Again this was never a Dempsey thread, but you've entered it to turn it that way despite everything else

Originally Posted by janitor View Post
But if you look at the history of our debates on the issue, I am not merely a Dempsey apologist.

To say that I have taken Dempsey's side in the issue would be an oversimplification, because I have brought forward a number of primary sources that were favourable to other side of the debate.
Yes you are a Dempsey apologist, that's your historic position on Wills. That's your only reason for entering this thread, you haven't read the sources and have come in to talk about Dempsey despite this thread having little to do with Jack Dempsey

You very rarely bring any primary sources and when you do they don't usually back up what you're saying
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