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Default 2 technique Drills i use

I'm going to shear 2 of my drills with you & give the reason why its done ,when i train the lads on a Sunday morning 10-12

i shout lean on push away

The boxer then walks into the bag with a double arm block taking the Waite of the bag
Then pushes the bag away with his double arm block & hit's the bag with 4 straight Punch's
Then let's the bag fall back onto his double arm block making shore his feet do not move at all through out the drill

your in the third round of A AMATEUR fight ,,,your both tired & he's leaning on you pushing you back to the corner (where you don't want to be) the drill then takes part by push away with the straight 4 shot making sure the push away isn't to obvious to the ref
2 minute round 30 rest then move onto the next drill

second one

within the 2 minute round i will shout 10 seconds non stop punching any combination
then at the end of the 10 ,,i will shout jab only non stop single & double jabs for 15 seconds

you've had a floury of punching at your opponent with no effect ,,now he wants payback he's coming after you
stick out the jabs let him walk onto them

to me, the bag isn't a punch bag its your opponent ,,,if this makes sense to you go and train the brain to remember

if you have technique fitness will improve your boxing skill

if your fitness is good with no technique your the punch bag

feel free to add your drills
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