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Default Re: looks like Klitschko-Pianeta

Originally Posted by LuckyLuke View Post
Oner is the promoter of Solis.
Oner and Boente have huge problems witch each other. Boente even claims that Oner punched him... after the Solis fight Oner freaked out ect.
I really would like to see a Solis fight but i think Solis has to get a mandatory position in order to get a fight with K2.

Next to that Don King still has some parts on Solis
all true

Oner is crazy, he even threatened a lady that works for K2 who came to Solis' hotel room to make sure they were ready to leave for the public workout... (Vitali fight)

She told us AND the police... she came to the door to say the "cars are ready downstairs"... they werent ready, she said "OK, I will call KMG".... he freaked and went over to her and said .." you know, I **** *****es just like you"... she said "get away from me" then he punched a hole in the wall next to her head...

the K2 security came running in and pushed Oner back...... Poor girl was shaking like crazy when she was telling us the story

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