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Default Re: Harry Wills Articles

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Wills said , Yet Tunney somehow managed to get the Dempsey's fight without fighting Wills.
Yes he did, but youy can see what I am saying. With the various wranglings for a Dempsey Wills fight, he would have thought that Wills might be somebody he would have to go through in order to get his title shot.

Wait you said Wills taking Dempsey to court, made Dempsey . It either was or wasn't part of him deciding to fight Wills or not, make your mind up
You don't "make up your mind" on this kind of issue. You bring as many lines of evidence to bear as you can, then decide where the balance of probability lies. You never put it more strongly than that.

I think Dempsey not facing Wills was a mixture of circumstances, mainly being risk and reward for Dempsey and his management. That I don't have a problem with necessarily as long as their is some honesty in it. I suspect most posters here, if given the same situation would pick easier risk reward scenarios, it makes sense from the perspective of human nature. From a sporting/justice perspective it's questionable
Then we are not actualy that far apart on the issue.

Okay, a bit off topic though? Did you read any of the articles, you might enjoy the Johnson sparring story
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