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Default Re: How do you see Jones Sonnen?

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
Oh really, thank you for that in-sight Ill fill in the blanks on my calendar dated 1991

De La Hoya sparred Chavez Sr when he was 17 and bullied him, they called off the spar because Chavez was getting a pasting, Chavez was a seasoned world champion, it was merely an example

Jones has his man strength Bob, I'm not sure you can go anywhere else defending that statment mate! He is a man, man strength comes through about age 22-25 after 25 its more a question of becoming seasoned not so much dynamic physical attributes
I said grown man strength, which means that he hasn't reached his full potential and therefore not head and shoulders above Anderson Silva when it comes to physical strength. Someday, but not as of now. I'm not denying that by 25 you are not a boy anymore, but I believe some of you need to read more carefully.

Anderson Silva will never be a HW like JJ will, but they are very close strength wise.
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