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Default Re: botha didnt even take a f***ing test

Hopefully this will be the end for Nasser as far as promoting dodgy shows...he managed to get away with it for a long time with Mundine - in particular vacating the IBO MW belt when ordered to rematch Geale, saying he was moving down to 154 to fight Medley, then renegging on that and making Medley come up to MW a week before the fight, all behind the excuse/claim that the IBO were anti-Mundine and he didn't have a fair chance fighting under their judges again.

SBW isn't innocent in all this either - posting updates on his Facebook page saying how proud he is of winning the title while remaining quiet about Khoder's swifties just shows he's as complicit in it as anyone. He's copping lots of stick from people posting comments on his page.

One thing this fiasco has succeeded in doing - taking the heat off Mundine for whining about being robbed against Geale
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