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Default Re: ending w/ lead hand concept

Originally Posted by Theron View Post
A left hook gets you back in position, it puts your body back into it's boxing stance and puts you in balance. Gets you back in your ''pocket'' and you can work better from there.
No it doesn't - if you throw a left hook properly your hips and feet should turn into it thus your body will be turned far more to the side then a normal boxing stance - additionally your weight should have transferred to your back leg rather then be balanced so your weight will not be properly proportioned.

A hook uses your whole body for propulsion and transfer of weight from left to right, or front to back is the main reason why it isn't as good a punch to finish on as the jab par se... Obviously circumstances dictate how you should finish a combination but as most engagements won't lead to a brutal knockout opportunity it would be more reasonable to suggest that a jab will leave the boxer in a better position to continue the attack - or defend.
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