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Default Re: Jon-Lewis ****inson v David Dolan - British CW title

Originally Posted by fantaheed View Post
How has sparring been going with JLD and Cornish? Don't rate Cornish yet tho when he steps up he may prove a lot of people wrong. Your right about Dolan it's probably his last chance so he will come in great shape and be up for this I think tactically be very interested to see how he fights esp the first few rounds.

Anyword on travis fighting?
areet m8, Travis has now been put on the card, I think Jon-Lewis made it very clear he wasn't selling tickets if he wasn't on it (so I'm told at least). Not seen Jon-Lewis sparring Cornish yet, I don't think Ronnie Rowe likes people watching the spars much. This Ukrainian lad who's had a few hundred amateur fights, was meant to be entering the world series of boxing but he decided to move here as you don't get payed well out there, he's going amateur for one season over here then entering the aba's then going pro (A lot of people are talking abut it like a formality that he wins aba's from how good he's looked sparring last years aba champ) he came down to spar jon-lewis and just missed him, I think he thought I was jon-lewis actually he proper tried to eye me out lol, anyway he should have been sparring jon-lewis at the end of his camp so that's good sparring.

I'm really excited about this card, we've finally got a proper show on up here instead of the usual ****e (I mean those o2 shows were 30 for 4 fights of 4x3 with inexpierienced and/or average boxers I'd never go to that), I've even heard glenn foot might be on although I doubt that but still, top show. really looking forward to it, not quite as good as the shows down manchester and liverpool and obiously london but it's a big start.
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