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Default Re: 5 months Boxing - Before and After pics.

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
I would also call it ignorant and dangerous.

You do realize your way of thinking, the "just eat whatever however much you want" attitude is why there is an obesity epidemic? Filling kid's minds with this **** of being young and having a fast metabolism so food isn't important is making everything worse.

Don't you think it's a good idea to work out roughly how many calories you think you may need and try to fill in those numbers with food instead of just eating whatever?

Such poor advice on this board. It's unreal.
I agree with you in general that it's important to eat the right things and the right amount. When it comes to most people however what they eat is really the least of the problems (if muscular weight gain is the goal), it's the fact that they don't train hard enough. And if they do train hard enough they've been taught to watch what they eat so they over think it and end up shafting themselves by not eating enough to facilitate weight gains.

My post was poorly thought out and presented, I should have but emphasis on the training part. It's just that this food hysteria is annoying me, when all it comes down to in most cases is just people don't lift heavy enough. Christ, I see people in both boxing and weight lifting gyms who end their work outs without a drop of sweat and then go make themselves a protein shake. It just ****es me off.
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