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Default Re: Jon-Lewis ****inson v David Dolan - British CW title

Originally Posted by Smoggy7188 View Post
The Hall bill looks good to with chubz and hepper on the undercard. Fox/Mcray on jld undercard looks a good little s****. If its 39quid then kash will be on undercard again.
Originally Posted by Paullow View Post
never heard of hepper, but thomas ward is on and is supposed to be good - to be fair he has been on the last 2 Wraith cards, and will prob be on this one as well. would have been more appealing if he (despite age, and lack of fights), ismay or even clauzel were the headliner.

re: kash i'm confused, are you taking the ****, or do you rate him?
Originally Posted by Smoggy7188 View Post
Hepper likes a good war. I dont rate kash but he sells bucketload of tickets thats why he will be on undercard.
that tommy ward was an excellent amateur and I guess you'll stop seeing him on Wraith cards soon, I don't think it's worth paying that much just to see him tbh though when you can just go down to one of his old amateur club Birtley's shows n see boxers like pat and luke mcomack, callum french etc. who are just as good as he was if not better and see these kids in better bouts with more over all bouts on the show.

as for akassh hussain, I believe he has gone to america to train with tim witherspoon, at the same gym as bernard hopkins. nothing against the kid fair play he's a decent boxer but I don't buy any of the hype with him, he only had about 25 amateurs, only won about half and got stopped about 4 times, he didn't set the world on fire as an amateur n he won't as a pro, he just name drops imo.

If you look at wraiths shows he's just getting the same people he had on in his shows while he was doing unlicensed for the most part and that's effectively what you're getting except you're actually getting less fights. would never go to one of his shows
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