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Default Re: "You have no evidence that Khan has a china chin..."

Guys, this is getting a bit overly heated! Khan is a product (victim?) of the British obsession with celebrity culture. His minders have taken advantage of his Cinderella-like story to the MAX. Nobody can deny that. This is why they have done their outmost to turn him into a national hero figure who cannot do wrong. The media asked for it. They were glad to oblige. But they overhyped his skill and talent. This happens sometimes in Britain. Remember Tim Henman? All this is unfortunate. But what I disaprove of is the fact that Khan himself has more than played along - he has started to believe the hype himself and started to act arrogantly. Ultimately this will bring him down, once the media decide to round on him, as they eventually round on all the heroes they have helped lift too close to the sun.

Real fans and friends of Khan would advise him to keep his chin down and his feet on the ground, and to talk with modesty and dignity and respect for his opponents and peers.
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