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Default Re: Harry Wills Articles

Originally Posted by Lord Tywin View Post
Does anyone else find it ridiculous to say that Wills "ducked" Tunney when you realise that in 1925/26 Wills had been the top contender for 6/7 years and had fought several elimination bouts?

At what point do the "elimination bouts" stop serving the purpose of trying to find an opponent for Dempsey and begin to appear as though they were bouts set up only to eliminate Wills.

Lets get real here, Wills was after a title shot, not a permanent position as Dempsey's gate-keeper.

By the time Tunney emerged as a contender at heavyweight if Wills didnt get a shot then nobody else in line should have either.

If Dempsey is rightly criticized for that then its entirely on him, not some revisionist history.
I give a lot of credit to Tunney for pursuing this fight. I don't overly criticize Wills for not taking the fight. He did not need to prove any further that he was Dempsey's best challenger and that Dempsey was yellow coward fraud.
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