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Default Re: Evensen/Miskirtchian - EBU Title this weekend

Originally Posted by StWerburghs View Post
After such a galant effort I would of liked to have seen him reach the final bell though.
Agreed, but at the end of the day the result (if not the method) would've been exactly the same had Foster allowed him to do so.

It isn't like he was robbed of potentially acquiring Miskirtchian's title, so I'm not too hung up on the weak stoppage. A loss is a loss, ultimately. His continued show of bravery was laudable, but there would be a stronger argument for letting him see the final bell if he wasn't hurt and dropped a bunch of times along the way.

Originally Posted by StWerburghs View Post
I had Evensen just ahead as well, and I also heard the box nation commentators had him ahead?? but cant confirm that.
I believe so, but it's the official judges' cards that would've mattered and on theirs Evensen had no chance even if he survived. (or even rallied back to somehow knock Miskirtchian down for a 10-8 in the dwindling seconds of the twelfth)

Originally Posted by StWerburghs View Post
Wouldnt mind seeing a rematch to be fair.

Miskirtchian does owe him that, but I've got a feeling it would be in Belgium next time...
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