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Default Re: So Why Did Oscar Not Fight P.Williams & Margarito?

Lets bust the myth once and for all:

Winky Wright fought at 154 between 1990-2004
Oscar De La Hoya fought at 154 between 2001-2007

Ronald Wright:
154 division
1998- Loses WBO 154 title to Harry Simon
2000- Fails to capture IBF 154 title against Fernando Vargas
2001- Trinidad Vacates 154 IBF title
2001- October: Winky fights a journey man for Trinidad's vacant title.
2002- 2003, fought 3 journeymen level fighters
2004- beats the much smaller Mosley who was champion only because he got a gift from Oscar.
2005-Moves up to MW, beats Tito, Oscar offers him fight, Winky declined.
2006-Fails to capture title against Taylor
2007-Hopkins beats his ass

Oscar De La Hoya-
154 Division
2001- DLH jumps into the division and becomes Champion by beating world champion Javier Castillejo
2002- DLH unifies the 154 division by KO Roided Fernando Vargas
2003- Takes his 3rd Tune up in 10 fights against Campas
2003- Avenges his ONLY TRUE LOSS to a Roided Shane Mosley
2004- Jumps to MW
2005- Oscar offers Winky what would have been his biggest pay day. Winky declines!
2006- Oscar MOVES DOWN to 154 and KO WBC 154 titlist Ricardo Mayorga

The proof is in the pudding.
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