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Default Re: Sosnowski, Hoffmann and Bertino added to HW Prizefighter

Originally Posted by irishny View Post
They're 3 round fights.

Its perfect for him.

Also,he tends to only get beaten by elite HW's

And the guys in this tournament are washed up journey men.

Walker rocked and almost finished Adamek in his last fight.

Audley Harrison is fresh off being KO'd in 1 by Price,and is now 41.

Timo Hoffman was a Euro level fighter in his prime,and hes years past that.

Martin Rogan,as much as I like the guy,is a 41 year old Belfast cab driver. I dont mean cab driver in the "can" or "bum" meaning of the word. The guy is literally a cab driver.

Sosnowski recently drew with THIS guy.

I dont even know who Claus Bertino is.

That goes double for Lewison.

So Walker is a borderline fringe contender type fighter. Legit power. Suited to short fights.

The rest are washed up journey men, and never will be fighters.

How can you NOT think Walker is a huge favorite
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