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Default Re: Machida v Hendo

I predict that Machida is too elusive for this version of Hendo. I don't see Dan being able to pull the trigger quickly enough to land a flush H-Bomb, unless Machida gets lazy/complacent.

Only thing is, 2013 Hendo's biggest weakness is his gas tank. But Machida doesn't really have a fast-paced style that will exploit that. Machida's standoffish style will give Hendo the opportunity to pace himself, engage on his own terms and conserve energy. Plus it's a 3 round fight (I assume) so that will be good for Hendo.

Still, Machida by decision is the most likely outcome I think. Maybe Machida by TKO, if one of his blitzes connects well enough later in the fight. Never count Hendo out, but Machida should be smart enough to stay on the outside and pick him apart.

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