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Originally Posted by sonni jungleboy
yeah thatz right if there some body who,s a joke here thatz u ...just sit ur fat ass on the chair eat popcorn and enjoy the rest of it fatbag.
im not a fighter not ether a warrior im immortal whatever u do or said can never afect my ability of dealing wit d rest of coward i was born in wrong time thatz all i always wish to be born in the old time ...the time achiles,atilla ,juluis cesar i mean the time of old gemania thatz someting u may not undestand coz u dont know that or never hear of it so u should go back to school or try to get ur self a life instid of being so critical u call all those mistcoward trainer like tony nobbs keep saying that he train me for five.ok how could a cripo some one who cant barely walk be my trainer he can even carry his own self ,i remember time ago when i used to help him to walk proply he said that he wanne to do padz work wit me he pulled a chair and sit down and ask me to punch re u serious ?u should ask ur sister beter she ll tell that im far to be a joke son of a coward ...i had only couple trainer in my life and ll always listen to them there are the legendary bruce farthing and the legendary les wilson and the best of them was my father,and u coward like the rest of ur familly and ur country peoples keep opening ur stinky smelly mouth why dont u pick a place ill show u what kind of joke i am.
i recon ill beat all of u ill like to see someone beat me cold like i did to ur peoples **** but ill tell u someting u all can runn but u cant hide...ill love to be the punisher then i can punish jeff fenech for stilling coz the police cant do nothing bout him ****...u all **** ill beat all of u together biiiiiiiiiiiccccccchhhhhhhtttttz
This is honestly the greatest gee up in the history of esb.

I dont know how to take this other then run to the loo before i **** myself...

Back now..Honestly what a post.I didnt understand a ****ing word but **** what a post..
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