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Default Re: John Wayne Parr comeback is official

Originally Posted by Thracian View Post
I agree with the people saying he should stay retired...we all know what can happen (what WILL happen)...

In MT if you've been trained correctly in an authentic manner for much of your career you have much more longevity than many other combat sports. JWP is only 37 and as far as non Thais go is right up their technically, he has way more in the ****nal offensively as well as defensively than most of the younger non Thai bucks in the game. He could probably go on for quite some time and not get hurt dishing out harsh realities to the next generation. Contrary to popular western belief MT is a very technical form of fighting with more than enough spoiling & survival techniques to keep even the most ardent coffin dodger safe for decades to come.

Just look at last weeks MT ATG rematch of Somluck Kamsing vs Jomhod Kiatadisak in Rajadamnern Stadium BKK. Jomhod in his mid 40s and Somluck at I think 39 still technically right up there filling the stadium like I haven't seen it for over a decade as a co main event. Infact it's proved so popular here a whole slew of ATGs are gonna come out of the wood work to do battle again.

The only slight downer on the fight was their cardio petered out a bit in the 4th and 5th, (but remember Thai Muay Thai builds in intensity into the 4th and 5th being the most active and contested rounds). JWPs cardio is spot on as he's never really taken much of a break except for the few months since his retirement, so he'll be ready to go unlike Somluck who has a rep for partying and not training going back to the 90s!

As I've said before JWP knows where he's at, he learnt his MT the right way, the Thai way so who's in a better position to assess his capabilities than the veteran himself who knows the game inside out!
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