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Default Re: Adrien Broner Gavin Rees press conference video

Originally Posted by AliShuffle View Post
Broner tries so hard to be funny but he's too stupid to pull it off, I know American humour is a bit different to ours but do any of you yanks actually find him funny?
America isn't monolithic; George Carlin, Richard Pryor et al are the best examples of comedy over here - not re****ed Broner. Really only a portion of America's youth (almost exclusively the modern rap & drugs-brainwashed sort) would find him anything but cringe-worthily ignorant and maybe only ever funny in laughing AT him.

However, Broner isn't much known in the USA, as boxing is a very minority sport these days and he isn't even a big star within it alone, nevermind sports in general like Pac and a few others are. Amongst American boxing fans, most surely see best to ignore everything outside of his actual boxing.

So, yeah, if you were to ask the average American on the street about him, 90%+ would say "who?" or "I don't follow boxing [some would acknowledge MMA instead]" and if you showed them the relevant video most would certainly say "what a dumbass/moron" and go back to worrying about their finances etc...

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