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Default Re: "You have no evidence that Khan has a china chin..."

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
I have no respect to combatants?

Because I don't respect china chinned Khan?

How do you know that I would be taken down by Limond, a man half my size from a singular combination when you know little about my physicality, experience with combat sports in general?

Khan is the definition of a horrid hype job and I would not be called Ray china chinned, Ray proved time and time again even early in his career that he was one durable guy. You are REACHING for whatever you can and when the kid's sparked finally and the hype is over, what is there left to say?

And I absolutely did not say Judah wouldn't last a few rounds with Cotto, in fact, I said Judah had a damn good chance of winning that fight and that he was tougher than given credit for, so you have me mixed up with someone else.

So I'm a disgrace to the sport, despite supporting it 100%, supporting true fighters 100% and supporting changes that would strengthen it for it to grow bigger like it was in the glory days. As well as the immense amount of respect that I provide for most fighters. Hype jobs and promotional scum are the elements that I DESPISE, Khan embodies BOTH.

Wake up, grow up, lighten up, whatever, but damn you are testy for me calling out facts and you know damn well that I am 100% correct on this issue and that Zak was 100% correct on that piece of **** Fraudley Harrison, whom was a disgrace to the sport and a disgrace to Britain in the end.

If you aren't convinced that Khan and the hype train is a joke, YOU NEVER WILL BE. So don't call on my boxing knowledge, my stance on the sport and my personal beliefs while putting false accusations at the front of the table under a complete incorrect assessment filled with disrespect just because YOU don't agree with me and are STILL BLINDED by this ****ing disgrace Amir Khan.

I am shocked that you are still supporting this fraud, most others have conceeded into submission that it's OVER.
Amsterdam, you are indeed a disgrace to the sport, because you have the cheek to slag off our saviour of british boxing, how dare you Eh, hold on a minute, so did I Oh, never mind we can both be a disgrace to the sport, but at least we were right when we said he was a hype job
Forget his joker mate, his tongue has tasted Amirs ****, and he's looking for a second lick
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