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Default Re: Who is the P4P hardest puncher of all time?

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
Im going to really challenge this popular Jackson notion.

Against who? and only within a 6lb range. Bob Foster scored equally scary KO's against better, notoriously iron chinned compitition like **** Tiger yet his power did nothing at HW. I have a hard time calling anybody a P4P puncher if they never proved through multiple weight classes or against heavier men.

Weight aside Steele, Hostak, C.Garcia are without a doubt better MW P4P punchers having proved it against elite opposition (although Garcia and Steele did start at WW) and while Lausse and Fernandez's opposition is less than those 3 above i wouldn't be suprised if they hit harder than Jackson. Jackson encountered two men in his own era McCallum and McClellan who were able to actually walk through his shots, pressure him and eventually stop him. Lausse on the other hand backed up iron chinned Fullmer for 10 rounds even though he didn't stop him. Norris, Graham and Baek are probably the three best fighters Jackson stopped with Graham being the only clean KO (Norris did beat the count)
You know i have often answered this question by saying julian jackson in the past but i think you make a fair argument here. I think alot of people, myself included, may have been so impressed by the spectacular and brutal nature of a small number of his ko's to such a degree that they/we are too quick to throw his name out with little thought. I havent entirely revised my opinion but I definitely think more consideration will be required in future.
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