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Default Re: Experiences with sprained toes!?

Originally Posted by BUMPY KNUCKLES View Post
I know this is a long shot, but has anyone ever sprained there a big toe in any way?

What I've done is basically jammed my big toe into the matt at jiu jitsu (nail facing down) causing it to bend unnaturally. Its been a week today, to begin with it was bruised and swollen and I had limited motion in it. Now the bruising is mostly gone and its not really swollen, I have full range of motion again. I went to the doctor who tape it to the 2nd toe, she said I could train but to go easy, she didnt sounds 100 percent confident tbh. I'm not looking for a miracle answer, but maybe some experience with this sort of thing?

Edit.. She said I had damaged the joint on the side of the big toe, this is a very small area, is now padded.
Yes. I also did it in a similar way but in the opposite direction, driving off of the big toe versus landing on it. You basically have turf toe. That ish ends careers.

Back off of it as much as you can and let it heal. It can and probably will progress into a chronic situation. I didn't and it has never been the same since. Use the bike and lift for a few months.
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