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Default Re: Who is the P4P hardest puncher of all time?

Originally Posted by Bill1234 View Post
Those who fought Shavers such as Lyle (rated Shavers as hardest puncher), Ali (rated Shavers as hardest puncher), Norton (rated Shavers as hardest puncher), Tillis (rated Shavers as hardest puncher), Holmes (rated Shavers as hardest puncher), and Cobb (rated Shavers as hardest puncher) all disagree.

Who are we to tell that many people that they are wrong and others hit harder? A lot more goes into a knockout than sheer power.
Not to pick on Shavers, but everyone you mentioned above (except Ken Norton) beat Shavers.
I think there is a psychological thing about boxers that they speak highly of the fighters that they beat and it makes their victory more appealing and ego gratifying. Somehow in the weird pecking order it also makes their losses look more (at least in their own minds) like just a bad night or lucky punch by the other guy; "Hey look, my KO loss isn't really legit, I beat Earnie ****ing Shavers."

One more example: Alfonzo Ratliff said that Craig Bodzianoski was the hardest puncher he ever fought. Ratliff beat Bodzianoski both times they fought and Ratliff rates him higher than Mike Tyson, Gary Mason, Pinklon Thomas and Tim Witherspoon, all of which KO'd Ratliff.
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