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Default Re: They wont let me fight

Did you just disappear from the club or did you tell your coach what was up and promise to stay on top of your road work? Might be the coach/club counting on the other guys commitment to the program.

Do you spar with the guy? Are you competitive with or better than him? If the guy is the legit "best pick" from your club I think you should be the bigger man and let him represent it. If you can spank him, but they still won't let you represent? See next one...

Exactly how old is this guy and what are the rules on entrance to the tournaments? If the older guy is coming up to his "last chance" at something like this? You should let him go for it. Maybe they are giving the old guy a last shot at his dream? You wanna be ruining that?

Good luck man and I am sure you will get your chance to shine again.
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