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Default Re: They wont let me fight

No. My bad.. Old guy, I mean by, he is a senior guy who disappeared for sometime and has come back. And yes, I called up my coach twice and told him I'm dealing with this work pressure so I will be missing training until I'm relatively free for training.

He is a young dude, a very good fighter. I have sparred with him some months back. I sparred with him yesterday and he seems to be in excellent touch. The guy something actually.. People call him Tiny Tyson.. I think he went to a different city or something and has come back to the club again. And to answer your question, I don't think I can spank that guy, even in my dreams.. He is too good.

My thing is, I was missing only one month and this guy comes in, out of no where, and he is in my seat. He has been in several fights. I'm yet to get one. Damn, this is so unfair.

The worst thing, My coach is a very nice guy but I don't know why he is doing like this.

Whatever.. I don't have the guts to ask my coach. I'm screwed.
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