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Default Re: Bodybuilder/model picks on twerps plus nutrition,experience, fitness advice share

Originally Posted by Smudger View Post
Interesting read. I was watching some videos and there's a lot of examples of judo guys winning against bjj in bjj tournaments! Like you said, every time judo got in a dominant position and went from there. I was unaware of the ground game in judo, thought it was purely throw them and try get them on their back.
I want to take up a martial art but not sure which, was leaning to muay thai as I like striking but the technical grappling work in judo/bjj is very interesting.
Two of the greatest Judoka and BJJ guys ever once went against each other, Kimura, and one of the Gracie family members, Kimura won I think but he did have a weight advantage. My club does 50/50 standing/ground which is great, but competition is nothing like that and you're right its all about getting ippon by throwing them on their back.

Yeah Muay thai looks awsome, the most effective stand up style easily.
Where do you live? If you are in the sticks you may struggle to find a BJJ club, Wheras Judo is more easily found, if you stopped Muay thai you could train both judo and BJJ they compliment each other very well, but that might not be convinient for you. I'd say if you do stick with Muay thai then if you have the option try both, but I think BJJ would be more useful as you can take someone down pretty effectively with a Muay thai knee or kick or elbow or whatever!

Oh and by they way neither bjj or judo clubs I've been to ever train kata which is when you practice movements without a partner, its always proper practical stuff. I think only Karate, and Kung Fu guys practice like that.
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