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Default Re: Bodybuilder/model picks on twerps plus nutrition,experience, fitness advice share

Originally Posted by BUMPY KNUCKLES View Post
There is actually alot of groundwork done in judo practice, but in actual competition you arent aloud to work it much, the emphasis is on throwing as its more pleasing to a judo audience, and also if you land uki on his back that is ippon and the fights over. You can however win by sumbmission or pin too but as you might know as soon as someone is thrown they quickly lie flat and cover there neck making it very difficult to actually do anything with them, often resulting in them being stood up. Judo is like 75% standing 25% groundwork, whereas BJJ is like 80% groundowork 20% standing for example.

In terms of how they match up against each other, Judo vs BJJ, the judoka is almost certainly gonna throw and earn himself a dominant posistion, and altough we do groundwork we dont do or know nearly as much as BJJ guys who do guillotine chokes heel hooks etc, which in judo are a illegal. So I'd say it can go either once they're down, a Judo guy may just choose to pin him down and tire im out and then go for a armbar or something. But certainly he's at risk of getting rolled and subbed by the BJJ guy all the time. 50/50 imo as the Judo dude will not likely land on his back, if he did then the BJJ guy would mess im up! Basically advantage judoka while standing, advantage BJJ on the ground.

In MMA though definately BJJ is more useful as you dont wear a gi and they practice that often wheras in judo you don't. You learn so many more chokes etc in BJJ and you can sub a guy from any angle on you're back or on top. A judo throw on matts is not gonna stop your opponent, just give you a dominant position from there you have to know how to sub a guy effectively.

Judo vs wrestling, I'd give to te wrestler, in judo you cant attack the legs directly like a shoot in wrestling, you have to apply you're throw only then can you asisst it by grabbing the legs, and even that has been banned from competition now. A wrestlers stance makes it almost impossible to take them down with judo. So pretty much a wrestler is gonna shoot for the judo guy, and most likely take him down and land on top in dominant position, there it would probably be 50/50 as to who subs or pins but I'd favour the wrestler.

In terms of pysical attributes of the 3 and assuming they are all world class, definately wrestlers and judokas are beasts pysically as the demands are so much different to BJJ (they have to basically pick up a man and throw him on his back) BJJ as a sport, most of the time dont bother with any standing and they go straight to the ground where its more about technique, leverage and flexibility.

For MMA, wrestling and BJJ.

Judo vs BJJ = 50/50

Judo vs Wrestling = Wrestling
Back in the 80s before mma kicked up they did a grapplers vs grapplers thing.....pure judo guys destroyed wresters, because the wrester knew no submissions on the ground....

now a cross trained wrestler..who has worked bjj submissions into his came (like a wrestler who now fights mma) sure in that case I will go wrestling.
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