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Originally Posted by shs101 View Post
As a southpaw im looking for new defense tactics to add. And the pull back aka lean back whatever you want to call it is catching my eyes.

To a lot of people its more of a fancy/risky manuever but In my experience if you know what youre doing you can have a lot of success with it.

As a southpaw I read the pull back is actually MORE effective because of the distance of the rear hand and ineffectiveness of the lead. 1st question is on that just want to see other views on that statement?

2nd question is just proceeding the pull back and would like any tips/advice for trying this. Pros-cons

Thanks in advance
When I teach this, I tell the lads to imagine a piece of string tied connecting their chin and rear foot. If the string was really there, as the boxer steps back with the rear foot, his chin would be pulled down with the string.

Basically as you step back, drop the chin (and hips).

Also, if facing an orthodox opponent, instead of stepping straight back with the rear foot, step slightly to your left - this will put you slightly further away from your opponents left hand (his next shot). This gives you a bit more time land your backhand (before his left comes) as well as giving you a better angle to follow up (his feet will be squared up).

Hope this makes sense?
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