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Default Re: Harry Wills Articles

Thanks for posting all of these Boilermaker, there was a lot here I hadn't read before and it was pretty darn interesting.

Obviously, Wills dominated the series of fights with Langford but I found the following quotes on his part concerning Sam of interest. Some I was already familiar with, but parts of these are new to me:

"In my opinion Sam was the greatest fighter that ever lived. At any rate, he was the greatest hitter. I learned more about fighting from him than all the others put together although he never tried to teach me anything."

"Talk about hitting! Well, Iíve met some hard punchers in my times, and all I can say is that the hardest blows any of them ever landed on me were like a slap in the face from a woman compared with those bone crushing wallops of Langford. They seemed to go right through you.

When Sam hit you in the body youíd kind of look around half expecting to see his glove sticking out of your back. When it hit you in the chin Ė well when that happened you didnít think at all until they brought you back to life again."

"Langford was the best blocker I ever saw. He could catch blows in his gloves like a ballplayer catches a baseball. Most fighters are satisfied to block and let it go at that, but Sam would catch a punch in one hand and hit you with the other at the same time. That is one of the many reasons why he was so dangerous."

But, there was a lot of very interesting material contained in these articles on a variety of subjects. Good stuff!
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