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Default Re: Ray Leonard: Best Fighter of the 80's?

Norris was too good a fighter, always would be. His speed was just sick

Sugar could have better prepared for that fight if only he had stepped up his level of comp. too many repeats against overweight, over the hill fighters. the only fresh faces were that of Lalonde & Howard

one does not prepare for a Terry Norris by fighting pudgy uninspired 38 yr olds. Sugar needed a slick, quick Micheal Nunn, one of the most athletic, agile & dangerous fighters at the time (S. Kalambay will attest to this). a tall, 6-2 southpaw who at the time had been showing moves never before seen.

IMO, this was the kind of fight Sugar needed. not only to prove his worth, but also to adjust to the new speed levels that were until then only evident in Hector Camacho

does this mean Sugar would have fared better against the likes of Norris? probably not. In fact, he probably would have lost to Nunn, and even been knocked out by that big left hand

However, he would have won my admiration by stepping up his game instead of subjecting the public to more meaningless matches on top of his already thin resume
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