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Default Re: Bunce beefing the BN Team on Twitter

I don't think picking Lacy should be the sign of boxing ignorance that it's become. Yeah, he was soundly beaten but it happens when a boxer steps up in quality and doesn't know how to handle the situation. All those who picked Calzaghe did so because he was a proven fighter, and expected a close decision win. The way people talk about that fight in hindsight, it was like an obvious mismatch from the start and only they could see it.

Lacy simply collapsed mentally and that's not something any fan can ever predict. Who knows, Broner might do the same tonight? And if he does, I expect many in the British press to gloat about his win and criticise "Yanks" for "bigging up their fighters". These sort of performances happen in boxing, and it's not a sign of stupidity that people expected Lacy to put up a tough fight and not mentally break quickly.

People love using the 'you picked Lacy, you know nothing ' argument, which I don't think is fair. These poor performances happen in the sport and it's very hard to tell where they are going to come from.
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