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Default Re: Ray Leonard: Best Fighter of the 80's?

Originally Posted by Goyourownway View Post
"The MW crown was only 2nd the the HW crown"

- It sure as hell wasn't when Hagler was the champion.

A poor era of middleweights that was stated as being so at the time, and history still hasn't shown it to be anything more than that.Fortunately for Hagler, he left the game just as there was some serious, genuine talent coming through at the division.

And it doesn't matter what Hopkins reasons for moving up were, because he still did it.He could have cried robbery, packed his bags and ****ed off to Italy to make a series of horrible movies, but he didn't.
maybe the talent just stood out more becuz the lack of just one dominanant force

During Hagler's reign pre Duran, Hearns, Hagler was on the cover of every boxing mag out there, even more so than Holmes and widely acknowledged as p4p #1 following the Sibson fight in 1983

hence your statement is invalid, perhaps due to resentment & bitterness

Hopkins never achieved the same lofty status b/c he couldnt beat Jones, a more advanced fighter but who began his pro career at same time

Bernard did himself a favor by moving up to find easier targets
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