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Default Re: Bunce beefing the BN Team on Twitter

Originally Posted by Jonsey View Post
Bunce was the voice of the hardcore boxing fan. He was just like the posters on ESB. He had his favourites but it was in the same way every poster on here does. And the role wasn't thrust upon him by the hardcore either, he lavished in it and continually reminded us about how he "told it how it is" and he wasn't on Sky because he would never sell out.

Then Bunce sold out...fair enough you have a mortgage to pay and a family to feed like everyone else.....but don't keep on telling us about how you tell it how it is. Now he slags of the forum posters and people like Wingy on youtube at every opportunity, doesn't seem to realise we make up 80% of his audience. Anyone remember the time he tried to butcher me on his BBC show for slating Haye for taking the Audley fight?

I also think his gig has got old now. Everything in TV/Entertainment runs its course no matter how succesful it is. Look at The Simpson, its been BS for 10 years now.
1) I think Buncey is correct to slag of this forum. Its in a right state. Especially General.

2) I actually dont mind wingy, but to be honest, watching his videos got a bit much. I hear enough screaming and shouting in real life. However, underneath the drama, he does have some insight. I personally just have to limit myself, what happened between them should stay between them. They are two grown men, and have probably never seen one another face to face. Internet beef is just that.

3) I cant comment on you getting butchered on BBC. Evidence?

4) The Simpsons is awful. I prefer South Park, always have, its still great if not better now, and it is still hilarious.
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