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Default Re: Top Ten Heaviest Heavyweight Punchers

Originally Posted by Theron View Post
Louis most definatley hit harder than Tyson, ummmm yeah so did Tysons buddy in his 30's he was facing cans and got a real shot and couldn't do anything
I disagree. Tyson had beastly one punch power and routinely stopped or dropped very large durable men with one or two shots. Louis compiled most of his knockouts over light heavyweights and cruiser weights, and whilst sharp was nowhere near as heavy or combustive a puncher as Tyson. That's fairly evident from the video footage of their fights.

I sometimes wonder why Tyson's power gets so overlooked on threads like these. Is it a backlash to his rabid fanboys from back in the day, or do people genuinely think he wasn't an absolutely devastating puncher? I mean how anyone can sanely rank Max Baer over him just boggles the mind.
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