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Default Re: Ray Leonard: Best Fighter of the 80's?

Originally Posted by Goyourownway View Post
You've made your fair share of purposefully outlandish statements in the past, but the suggestion that Hagler's era of stiffs and jokers were superior to the crop that emerged towards the end of the decade probably tops the lot of them.

Your trolling has become far too contrived and predictable at this point, littleredrooster.Watching you still attempting to ply your craft is as painful as watching Terry Norris stumble and bumble his way around the ring against Laurent Boudouani (Terry was only 31, but he had yet to meet an opponent of Boudouani's intelligence and timing).
how would you know any of them were stiffs? I didnt exactly see Leonard proclaim them stiffs on HBO while commenting from ringside. you think that had something to do with sidelining his career? why not just tell him "hey buddy you could use a tough fight. youve been challenging too many stiffs so why not try ME on for size?"

I didnt see any of that coming from Leonard

also, I clearly remember Hearns twice backing out claiming different reasons each time

so which of those two fighters claimed Marvin was fighting stiffs?

your claim that the quality of division SUDDENLY improved dramatically as Hagler retired


run it around the block a couple of times and see if you dont find anything screwy with it

and he calls ME the crazy one

your problem stems from the inability to accept facts that Norris easily humbled Leonard in a head to head matchup, in a fight that mattered, and that, it WASNT close, and that Leonard was shown to be supremely overrated becuz of it!

if u ask me, Leonard shouldve stayed in bed. mebbe had he taken more quality fights with fighters like Nunn instead of stumble bums & tired repeats (Hearns, Duran) ,, sloppy leftovers (Hagler), he wouldve been better prepared for the SPEED personified that was Terry Norris

and we all know that speed was to Leonard what kryptonite was to Superman. Neither had any defense against it

its too bad Leonard didnt have what it took to successfully take on a speedster like Norris. had he done it you could all say he took on all comers and had what it took to deal with all styles

but he couldnt. He couldnt handle Norris and he couldnt face a prime Hagler

instead all we got were excuses followed by a piece of **** packaged as a superfight

as for Hopkins, he was okay but never reached elite status. never feared, his talents just somewhat above the competition in his division (probably the worst since the dawn of man)

I dont think I'm going to get too many arguments with that
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