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Default Re: unusual feint by Rigondeaux

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
What are you trying to say? Rigo does it in every fight.
That isn't a feint. It is something done in the ring, but not a feint. The only reason a feint works is because it is a motion that the other fighter thinks will reasonably lead to a punch. Only time some **** like that will work or be used is when the fighter doing it feels 100% safe. Unless you are "That Dude", it is stupid to study this as a tactic. If you ask? You aren't "That Dude".

Honestly, Rigo hasn't fought anyone of merit. That guy looked like he wasn't even a local gym champ. That isn't a knock on Rigo's merit, but that BS wouldn't/shouldn't trouble any top level fighter with top level speed, reflexes, instinct, etc...
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