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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

You don't cross your feet when you circle, which is good. Try staying on your toes and being a bit more conservative. Movement isn't half bad. But you arm punch. You need to step with your punches and pivot, giving them snap. All you did that round was push a jab and throw an occasional looping right to the body. You need to step in, throw with conviction, maintain range, and not give up real estate by retreating so far out of range. You also need to work on drills that prepare you for punches coming at you. You seem to not know how to deal with that at all. You duck far too low at dangerous angles and then get stuck. You got clocked with a good one doing that. Be comfortable catching a jab, blocking a right, and slipping towards the outside right and left. The basics. Without it, you're going to keep backing into the ropes and eating straights down the middle, or whatever else your opponent feels like throwing at you when you duck down and compromise your defense. Shadowbox with this in mind and partner up for drills. Trade 1-2-3's and other combinations in turns, slowly at first, blocking each one. Change up the combo, then work on head movement, etc. It has to become instilled in you. You can't run away from the punches because they'll catch up to you if you do so.

With the way you seem to like to move, a straight right to the body could work wonders. But first, learn how to throw each punch correctly. Get it down. ASAP.
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