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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

I agree with what someone said earlier.. your coach is a ****.. Why did he just keep saying "take a knee, take a knee" when you were getting beat up? Why doesn't he teach you how to defend yourself, clinch, move your head, counter punch ect ect. If you are going to stay at this gym I would suggest talking to him after class about some of the things i've mentioned.

There's a lot of things you need to improve on but one thing you really really have to stop doing is dropping your head, the main reason for this is that you can't punch back from that position and it's obvious judging by your posture that you can't see what the other guy is throwing at you.

Also your jab and right hand are very uneffective because of your distance, you are throwing your shots from too far away I think this is because you are afraid to get countered, if you watch the video nearly all your right hands missed simply because your distance was incorrect. You can fix this on the heavy bag or pads if you concentrate on it.
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