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Default Re: unusual feint by Rigondeaux

Originally Posted by bald_head_slick View Post
That isn't a feint. It is something done in the ring, but not a feint. The only reason a feint works is because it is a motion that the other fighter thinks will reasonably lead to a punch. Only time some **** like that will work or be used is when the fighter doing it feels 100% safe. Unless you are "That Dude", it is stupid to study this as a tactic. If you ask? You aren't "That Dude".

Honestly, Rigo hasn't fought anyone of merit. That guy looked like he wasn't even a local gym champ. That isn't a knock on Rigo's merit, but that BS wouldn't/shouldn't trouble any top level fighter with top level speed, reflexes, instinct, etc...
idk. I'm not that dude but I can pull this off really well in the ring, especially with people in opposite stances.

A glove stuck out like that causes you to instinctively favor/lean to one side. It's an off-ballancing technique. Think about it: how often do you as a fighter see a fast or slow punch coming and instinctively slip to one side or the other. When something obstructs your line of sight in the ring, you move your head or body in reaction to one side.

It isn't a feint but it functions as one because it draws a reaction, even a slight one. It breaks up their rhythm and makes them think about what you're doing. And it loads up your hook. It loads up your hook real good...
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