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Default Re: Bunce beefing the BN Team on Twitter

Originally Posted by TBooze View Post
But it was no howler, Lacy was the very warm favourite. With hindsight, yes the pick was obvious; but picking Lacy over Calzaghe was on par with picking Foreman over Ali or Liston over the then Clay (fight one).

Mkrychan, Salem, Ashira and a Viet rematch that wasn't even televised was Joes run going into the fight and his form sketchy in these fights, Salem even managed to drop him and against Ashira he broke his hand. In these years Calzaghe had pulled out against Glen Johnson, Brian Magee and Clinton Woods. It looked like the end, he was 33 and had been pulling out of decent enough fights but showing up against whilst looking less than his old self against the WBO mis mandatories put on his plate.

It helped that Lacy had rolled over his recent foes like a tank. He was the right man at the right time, we had all seen this script before. Not many knew Calzaghe was going to rip up that script into 1006 bits.
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