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Default Re: How does Burns/Broner go now then?

Think people are going way overboard on Broner here. He's big at the weight but Burns is no midget - tall, massive shoulders, long armed, he's clearly a physically strong guy who would not be pushed around on the inside.
Obviously Broner puts his shots together well when he's teeing off, but he's never faced a guy who will ram a jab and right hand down his pipe like Burns can from the outside, I've spoke to a few who've sparred Ricky and they all say he can really crack, his ko record is vastly misleading.
Broner gets comfortable quickly in fights and which allows him to mentally stay real calm, especially on the inside where he can begin to pick his shots and bully opponents who he knows can't hurt him, I honestly don't think he could do that to Burns - Rees let his hands go on the inside and clipped Broner who really hasn't mastered that Philly shell like Floyd or a master like Toney - if he stood there trying that **** with Burns he'd be getting lashed by a very good body puncher who would make him think twice and take him out of his comfort zone big time.
Burns has really started to find his range quickly with his right hand in his last few fights, I think he tags Broner early with it and takes some of his confidence away, by mid rounds it's a proper live fight, if Broner can match the fitness, work rate and strength of Burns, whilst showing a defence that he's never shown before, then I'll be impressed, but I think Ricky drags him into deep water late on and gives the ****y little ****er a hiding he'll never forget
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