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Default Re: How does Burns/Broner go now then?

See what I mean?....Probably not.

No matter what he does, there is always people here to try and play it down. Whether you like it or not, he did do those things. And De Marco was number one, what do you want me to say? And what can anybody do about it?

Escobedo got finished last night because Broner destroyed him and his confidence. He'll never be the same because of what Broner did.

I remember on here just a month or so ago, Vazquez was getting **** for being a "**** fighter who aint fought anyone and he shouldnt be ranked so high". De Marco was getting plenty of credit going into the Broner fight. Before, it was "No forgone conclusion, and he has got the tools, right hand this, right hand that" After the fight - "De Marco isnt number one, and is awful."

After the last Vazquez fight and Ricky Burns announcement, Miguel Vazquez is a good fighter all of a sudden?

I think its about time we get some permanent goal posts that cant be moved, and bikes that can only pedal forwards. This **** is becoming so contradictive and hypocritical it is actually laughable.

What will it be if Burns gets beat by Vazquez or Broner......"Oh its nothing to be ashamed of?"
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