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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

Originally Posted by mrtony80 View Post
Alright, this video here shows my footwork, which, I think is, at the very least, a minor strength of mine. What do you guys think?

your footwork is decent but needs work you don't pivot really and you telegraph your jab with the way you step forward a bit with your lead foot before you throw,you need to stop poking with your punches and throwing arm punches, good punches should use the whole body to power seem to just throw your punches to land not hurt and your a bit predictable especially with that jab to the body also double the jab.stop trying to be slick when pressured by leaning down and swaying your head it will just get you in trouble,you would be better sticking with a high guard and pivoting when presurred.
You should work on these combos on the bag
building the jab throw a jab, straight right, then 2 jabs, straight right, then 3 jabs , straight right and so on
throw a 1,2 then a left hook and pivot off to the left with your back foot
throw a jab to the body then a right to the head or a jab to the head and a right to the body try and make it one of move
also accept the fact your going to get punched in the head
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