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Default Re: Leapai gives an Eff you to Khoder as well

Originally Posted by Straight Shoota View Post
I was waiting for your disagreements since you always have one ill break this down for you nice and simple..Khoders circus-promotion is questioned in that article,soliman agress with this,yet fought under it 3 times,got paid by the guy 3 times,I also believe its been refered to as the mundine circus(see Taylor match) mundine is known and only known in boxing because of his RL background...Wherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreee in those points am I incorrect and fr you to disagree??
The article is about the SBW Botha fight - see the headline? It says "Circus gives sport a black eye as SBW bout makes Australian boxing an international laughing stock".

It goes on to talk about what a joke the SBW Botha fight was and how it stained the reputation of Australian boxing. See?

"But this week Leapai and most of Australia's leading boxers have come out swinging in defence of their sport after Williams and Nasser made Australian boxing an international laughing stock."

As well as quoting Leapai, they quote Billy Dib and Sam Soliman, both of whom refer to the SBW Botha fight. Soliman says:

"These circus fights get more publicity than me beating Felix Sturm in Germany," Soliman said, "And Felix was one of the biggest names in world boxing with something like 20 world title bouts.

"People who really know boxing know that these football fights are a farce but unfortunately a lot of people get sucked in."

Where does he mention Mundine? He's referring to the SBW Botha fight.

You seem to have made an illogical leap of faith in connecting the 3 legit fights Soliman had against Mundine to the SBW Botha farce simply because Nasser used to manage Mundine.

So either you're saying that Mundine's whole career was a circus just so you can have a go at Soliman for being a hypocrite, which would then make you a hypocrite because you're a Mundine nuthugger and reckon he's the bees knees, or you don't know what you're talking about and are just another butthurt Mundine nuthugger doing the old "Leave Brittney ALONE!!!" thing again.

True story
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