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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

Originally Posted by Abraham View Post
This isnt abe, but his uncle. Former amateur. Ill try giving a little step by step critique. Okay, for the first 5 secs your movement looks good, although a bit wide. He throws a jab that you react to quickly, but you duck too low. He could have followed up and clocked you. You didn't have to react that strongly a slight slip would have done good. You then throw a jab to his body, and are leaving yourself completely exposed. He could have decapitated you with a left hook. When throwing a jab to the body, keep your right hand up, and lean slightly to the side. Never reach with it like you did. Also, pivot away faster after throwing it. Know when to throw it. It isnt a anytime punch.

Good slip and counter at 0:11. Just be faster with it. You also could have stepped in with a right hook to the body. You throw a good jab at 0:13. Stepped back out quickly. Good, if youre trying to be a mover. You follow that with a very weak, pointless to throw jab. At 0:25 he backs you up with a few shots. You dropped your guard and turned your head. Never do that!

You were doing a lot of bending at the waist to avoid shots at 2:00. Not bad, just don't get caught in a situation where you don't know where your opponent is. Your biggest problem seems to be that youre too worried about incoming shots when throwing your own. **** that ****. Youre going to get hit. The only way your going to learn and improve is by getting over that fear. The mechanics for someone afraid of counters will always look like, and have the effect of a beginner.

I wish i could show you some things in person. You seem to have the drive and heart for boxing. I see some potential. Hope i helped a bit. Keep truckin, man.
Thanks, man. I appreciate you taking the time to break it down. How was your amateur career?
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