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Default Re: "You have no evidence that Khan has a china chin..."

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat
Of course, you don't respect an Olympian, you don't respect someone trying to make it in the pros and you don't respect the heart Khan showed.

It has little to do with your size. The fact that you think by being 12st you would somehow withstand 5 full bloodied shots by a man who is about 2st lighter than you is just the beginning of your stupidity. I know you are not a pro boxer, nor are you a fully fledged amateur and that is that. I also can't overlook your total lack of disrespect towards Khan and other boxers. Someone with impressive experience would not ooze of **** and disrespect like you do.

I'm sure you said Judah was getting sparked in three rounds. Maybe I got it wrong.

Of course you are bad for the sport. You come across as a boxers fan rather than a boxing fan. Khan is good for the game but instead you would like him to fail. This only hurts boxing.

You have been on Khans back for ages, it has slowly stirred me up. It is absolutely pathetic. Once upon a time I thought you were a good poster but you aren't, you must be a fanboy. It is all rooted in your lack of respect for fighters.

What is laughable is something you GUESSED didn't even happen. Khan wasn't flattened. However you feel vindicated and throughtout your posts it appears you think you have done something prophetic. It would be wise than you calm down and learn some respect. Credit Khan for his courage. You should be saying something like 'I was right but Khan has won me over'.

Even the Harrison thing isn't amazing. Harrison took a huge shot from Williams and got up but yet no credit! Harrisons chin was left out to dry, while punching and got caught with something HUGE!

You have no proof of Khan being a hype job. Yes, he is being marketed but what sort of moron would you be not to expect that. That is life, Khan is a product.

I disagree with you that Khans chin is the pit of chins. I have said Khans chin clearly isn't legendary, however I respect how he fought back.

You are shocked that I respect and even support someone who is good for the game?! Of course you would because you are a fanboy who has not justification for his thoughts other than hatred.
I'm done with arguing you, this is going to get us both nowhere and we'll continue with this for 10 pages and still be at no result.

The fact remains that my assessment of Limond being of journeyman quality in the LW division is absolutely correct, a commonly considered journeyman/gate keeper at LW, Miguel Huerta, whom I greatly respect would smoke Limond in 5 rounds or less. You don't want to recognise that Limond's 28-2 record wouldn't be that nice looking if he was fighting internationally and not domestically, I am judging him on his SKILL/INTANGIBLE level that I have seen from the few fights that I've viewed and while he's got good fundamentals, he's about journeyman level on the World scene and feather fisted variant at that.

And you don't know anything about me, never did I claim that just because I'm 12 st. that Limond couldn't KO me, I was claiming that I am 12 st. and have taken harder blows than that of Limond within combat sport, namely Martial Arts training and competition. So if you wan't to claim that a gloved shot from Willie Limond at 135 pounds is superior to a kick to the face by a 180 pound man, then so be it.

And by the way, I have perfect respect to combatants from all combat sports, just not hype jobs and other disgraces. I give respect to a multitude of fighters that TRUE HATERS slash on frequently and put things into respect.

Just because Khan's **** is in your mouth and that I brutally detest the Khan hype job train, is NO indication that I am disrespectful to the majority of combatants.

So keep overrating your domestic crop and your Olympic results, I'll stay in relevance to international WORLD CLASS PROFESSIONAL BOXING and keep comparing things like any fan of anything is going to judge top level athletes.

This is the last thing I'll say to you on this subject, you need to grow up Achilles, I definitley was under the impression that you were better than this, but one's true colours come out when the heat is on.
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