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Default Re: "You have no evidence that Khan has a china chin..."

Originally Posted by Top Dog
Amsterdam, you are indeed a disgrace to the sport, because you have the cheek to slag off our saviour of british boxing, how dare you Eh, hold on a minute, so did I Oh, never mind we can both be a disgrace to the sport, but at least we were right when we said he was a hype job
Forget his joker mate, his tongue has tasted Amirs ****, and he's looking for a second lick
Generally he's a good poster, guess this just hit a real soft spot with him. Either way, he's out of my realm of respect, it's one thing to differ in opinion and another to take things so personally that it becomes a ****ing contest instead of a reasonable debate.

What's funny, is that I even talk to IronBull every now and then on MSN and he and I have gotten along well on there, despite him knowing that I despise Khan.

The irony is that he realises that this is all just relevant to my Political beliefs, I actually give Khan fair credit for his amatuer accomplishments, IronBull knows that I don't support public exploitation and that this what I see Khan as.

If there was no insane hype and exploitative marketing and execution surrounding Amir, I really wouldn't even give any of this a second look.
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