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Default Re: Bunce beefing the BN Team on Twitter

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
The only people havin' a go at Bunce, are the ones who are jealous, you are jealous of the mans position, fame, and the fact that he can carry a belly of on live TV. Your jealous of the fact that he made it, and you didnt. Your jealous of the fact that he gets paid for doing something he loves, your jealous because he is. Steve Bunce and he sits on his ****, talking boxing, on your TV.

Steve was driven away from this cesspit because of the Eddie Hearn lovers. A valued poster driven away because of this forum.

You lot should be ashamed of yourselves!

Bunce can do f*ck all right in your eyes, you hang on his every word, be it radio or TV, he cant breathe without any of you jumping on his back about something he said or did. How sad. What next, the shirt he wears?

I like him because he aint PC and he says what he wants. In this day and age of PR bombardment and political correctness, its nice to see someone be original and real.

The fact that you lot jump on his back all the time, but make sure to listen to the podcast and watch him on TV, he is the real winner here. He kind of owns you. Yes, owns you. He dont give a **** what you think, unless you keep tuning in, which you are!

If you dont like him, dont listen, and dont ****ing watch!

Hello Buncey, you fat knacker.
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