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Default Re: Mini league featuring Ali,Holmes,Tyson and Lewis with a twist.

If they could magically retain their form as listed after fighting each other, I see Ali winning. I don't think Lewis had the technical skill in 1994 to beat '71 Ali, although I see him hurt Ali every now and then with those huge shots.

Ali was way too strong mentally to lose to Tyson, especially the Tokyo version. He'd pepper Mike with the jab, move him in the clinches, force him back and frustrate him en route to a TKO or decision. Might be very similar to the Douglas fight.

94 Lewis vs 90 Tyson could go both ways, though I think Lewis has the edge in versatility even then.

Lastly, Larry Holmes. I think '85 Holmes loses to 1990 Tyson much like the way he did in reality. Ali would outbox Holmes, Lewis would probably TKO him.

So I'd have it:

1. '71 Ali
2. '94 Lewis
3. '90 Tyson
4. '85 Holmes
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