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Default Re: How does Burns/Broner go now then?

Could say that about Burns opponents to be honest. None of them are remarkable either, fact is both have faced B grade opposition, hence why we're clamouring for this fight, and also probably why BlackBrenny picked up on the fact Adrien seems keen on it. There ain't anything else.

Burns opponents are okay especially given we were expecting him to be in a rough ride in some of them, but looking at the bigger picture they're not spectacular. Katsidis at the end of a long career, when Robert Guerrero had already put down a similar schooling on him. Roman Martinez was a life and death battle where he was put down heavy. Paulus Moses is terribly old and was he ever anything more than B- really? He's just a stand up boxer, nothing going for him against Burns. There really ain't that much to his record, its consistent and good but unremarkable, which is why they're both each others best opponent by a mile and the competition is fairly meaningless.

It's about ability, not whether you beat DeMarco or Paulus Moses. That doesn't win the fight. It's going to be about whether Burns can 1-2 and move all night. Is that really going to have enough substance to discourage Broner, can he actually do that all night and think its going to work or does he need more? I'm firmly of the opinion it won't be enough, and Burns will be too upright and basic when it comes down to it and Broner starts putting him under inevitable pressure. I really don't think Burns can fight up close very well and put into the equation Burns can't punch and its inevitable Burns can't just turn up with his typical Plan A. Plan A might work for 3 or 4, it ain't going to be enough throughout so what's he going to do when Broner does that catching up with him? All this is under the assumption Burns is actually capable of doing this without getting counterpunched too which is a big assumption in itself.

Basically there are far more assumptions you have to make to think Burns wins because of the power, speed and overall schooling of the two fighters which are worlds apart. Generally the fewer assumptions you have to make when weighing up two styles the more likely that guy wins, IMO.
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